Good Morning!

Good morning Friends! I absolutely adore the morning. This is the time that we greet each day and all of its fresh possibilities.

The other morning my 6-year old went over to his Dad’s side of the bed and said, “Good morning Daddy.” It was quite early so Dad replied, “Good morning” and sent him back to his bedroom. The little bugger didn’t even come over to my side to say Good morning. Soon after I came down to find him on the couch watching cartoons and I said, “Good morning, son. I was waiting for you to come tell me good morning when you came to my room so I could give you a big hug like this” and scooped him up.

The bible says that God bestows new mercies on us each each day. (Lamentations 3:22-23.) He is the reason for our “Good morning” yet how many days do we wake up and not give Him the most basic courtesy of Good Morning. We say it to our spouses, our kids and even our coworkers, but far to often many of us (including me) don’t always greet the Lord with a smile and a warm good morning.

What if God is like me on the other side of the bed, hearing you say good morning to your spouse, your kids, your mom, whomever — and is waiting for the opportunity for you to engage with Him so that he can “scoop you up.” Talk about a missed opportunity. None of us want to miss out on any opportunity to feel God’s love. He’s waiting to hear from each of us. Before we pray, before we ask for covering or any of the petitions of our heart, I challenge us to just tell the Lord Good morning. Try it! Make it a habit! Let us know how it goes. #God_applied #goodmorning #grace #blessed #devotional #intentionalliving #purposefulliving #ApplyingGodin2021 #christianauthor.


4 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Amen, Latoya! Well stated. Thank you for this powerful message.
    Good morning Holy Spirit, God, Lord, Jesus has become my first thought and expression of the day. God’s doing I’m sure. Sometimes it is Thank You Lord. It, truly sets the order of my day. When I “miss the opportunity” because my mind is cluttered with stuff or other distractions, the Holy Spirit prompts me or “scoops me up” as you say so cutely. It’s a precious new mercy in my morning, day or night.
    How blessed we are that we get to greet the Lord with enthusiasm, as your son did, with grateful hearts. Yes, I agree it brings a great big smile to God’s heart and His arms open even wider wrapping us ever so tightly saying “I love you sooooo much, my child!”

  2. Oh my, is that conviction I feel in my heart? 😉

    You’re killin’ it, Girl!

    I love it!

    *Betsy Skinner*

    Executive Virtual Assistant

    *Talk to me about RelyCircle !*

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