Best Drawing Ever!

Sunday, I went to church – yes, the real church building – socially distanced of course. My 6-year old decided to draw during the service. He drew himself with both of his parents. Beneath the picture, I love you. You are my best friend forever (phonetically spelled of course). It was the most simple drawing with an imperfect caption but to me it was priceless. It literally brought tears to my eyes. It was my little son sharing his heart with me, sharing his heart for me. No pretense, no need, no want, just his heart.

In that moment, I couldn’t help but think about God’s heart as a parent. I couldn’t help but think that that is all He wants from us — our heart and more importantly our heart for Him. Not for any reason or cause, but just be-cause. Just be-cause like a little son adores his fallible parents, we adore our infallible God who is so much more than my husband and I could ever be as parents. I thought about the tears that it would bring to God if I thought or even just told him, I love you. You are my best friend forever.

As parents we give to our kids because we love them. We even give to them when they come to butter us up for something, because we love them. We know even before the buttering up comes, that it is coming but we still often meet their request — but goodness don’t we just love the humble heart that has no request attached, and is just pureness of heart. God isn’t that weird and our relationship with Him doesn’t have to be that complex. He is a loving parent that just wants the precious priceless doodles of our heart, our natural connection, our unpretentious love. Let’s give God our childlike love. Let’s start to see him through the eyes of a child that just adores his parents just because.


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