Finding Your Voice

I may have mentioned a time or two that I am actually an introvert. Many don’t think so, but I am. I am a small group, one-on-one type. I tend to stay away from spotlights but it is no justification to God for me to hide or dim my light — His light. Each of us are called to let our light so shine. For introverts it can seem overwhelming. Letting my light shine could mean letting others in. Letting my light shine could feel like letting others “see” me in a way that I try to keep out of view. Letting my light shine just by virtue of the definition of the phrase means being more transparent. Some discredit social media as a place where folks hide their true selves, but just maybe in some instances social media is a place where others feel free to show their true selves, speak their true voice and let their voice be heard amongst the crowd. Today I am thankful for finding a place where my voice lives outside of my thoughts and my journals. I pray each of you would find yours too. The world is waiting. Introverts, your gift is great. You gift comes from God and there are countless people waiting to be blessed by it. Whatever medium, outlet or vehicle you chose, use it to find your voice and share it with the world. Go on — we’re waiting! I’m waiting. More importantly God’s waiting! Tag me! I’d love to share help amplify your voice as well: @Godapplied, #god_applied,

Be blessed!

6 thoughts on “Finding Your Voice

  1. LOVE IT!!!

    Tagged you on my personal Facebook account with this one. 😉

    *Betsy Skinner*

    Executive Virtual Assistant

    *Talk to me about RelyCircle !*

  2. There are those of us who have relaxed our guard and let our voice be heard only to be squelched like a plump grape onto the floor. This happens often enough and one becomes leery of letting the world hear your true voice. You can trust God but few others

    1. Susan I’m so sorry that you feel like that but I do understand. The world has become very negative including social media, but I encourage you to just remember that your voice could change someone’s life. You don’t have to share it on social media. Share it however, whenever and with whomever the spirit leads you too. Be blessed my friend!

  3. I enjoyed reading this post and could really relate and connect to it. I am an introvert as well and have just begun to let my voice be heard! 🙂

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