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This year I just want all types of growth. As I type that, I think watch out because you know what happens when you say things like that. EEK. But nonetheless, I do. I want to expand beyond my current self and boundaries into being the person that God wants me to be to myself and most importantly others. That requires a definite increase in my transparency. Some of my more recent posts about rest and growing weary was a big step for me in terms of being transparent and I want to continue down that path. I think it is one thing to share what is on your mind but sharing your heart is a level deeper. Sharing your heart can mean sharing your fears and emotions which while that can be scary, it can feel really good. For me, it has definitely felt good. I hope that you will feel safe enough to engage, to be transparent and to share with me as I share with you. In this time of dispersed living, I pray this space can become a safe community for feelings, fears, encouragement and motivation, where everyone feels not just welcomed but supported. God Applied is about applying God to life (this very complex, interesting, life filled with differences). It is not about being judge-y, perfect, or saintly. It’s about living life with all the love, help, insight and tools that God gives us. One of those tools is each other. God says in Prov. 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

Be amazing! Be Blessed!


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