Verbs and Nouns

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I love to learn. As annoying as it is to my kids, I find knowledge and facts interesting. It’s funny because this year my word is FOCUS and I meant that fully in the sense of the verb. I want to be focused (the adjective). I want to focus on completing the things I have started and doing the things that God wants me to focus on. As I have been doing that, some of those things I have been focusing on have started to come into FOCUS – the noun. (I find that kind of cool — geeky but cool). I can’t help but think of the statement that as we take steps to move toward God, He takes steps to move toward us. As I start to do my part and FOCUS on the things the He wants me to focus on, He moves toward me in those things and provides me more information on the central point, the FOCUS area. Sometimes it is hard for us to FOCUS because we have so many questions – the what, when, how, where, and why but when we move out on faith, God provides the answers. Maybe that’s why faith and works go together. Maybe it is because we need the faith to do the works (God’s work at least).

If there is something that God wants you to do, be, go, or try, push through the questions. Move in spite of the what, when, where, how and why and just go. Take up your cross and go (move). As you move, He will provide breadcrumbs when you least expect them. He will provide you with just enough answers to keep going. Try not to be greedy and want all the breadcrumbs at once. Rather, be thankful for the breadcrumbs as they come and keep moving. Your verbs will equal God’s nouns 🙂

Be blessed!


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