What’s Your Distraction

Last week when I rested, I tried to keep in my living up to my word of the year – FOCUS. I looked at my list of things that I would focus: being present with my family, my physical fitness, time with God, and writing. I kept focus on all but the writing — whether it is my next book, my blog, or professional articles. I’m proud that I maintained some focus but the one thing God told me to do this year was write. I would say but God which audience, which topics, which, which, which and He would just reply – JUST WRITE. I promise you I am not one of those people who walk around saying God said this and God said but clearly God has been telling me to JUST WRITE.

You could encourage me and say but something had to give. It didn’t. I gave up the one thing I am supposed to be doing so that I could have time to indulge in trying to do things outside of my focus list. I was distracted by my emotions. I took on an additional client. I looked for replacement work when the whole time, I was supposed to be writing.

The more I pondered this I found it interesting that the one thing my distraction distracted me from was the one thing God wants me to do. My distraction distracted me from my purpose. Often times it is the one thing that we don’t do, don’t prioritize, don’t make time for, or don’t feel good enough to do, is the one thing that God really wants us to do. It’s the thing that we were created to do and give to the world. Whatever you were created to do, be, or give; whatever your gift to the world is push through whatever tries to keep you from it.


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