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You may not yet realize this about me but I am one of the least sportive people I know. I don’t really follow sports too much….although I did do a little assistant coaching with my Dad in 8th grade for a basketball youth league. Funny thing is that I find myself a mom of two boys, I find myself engaged to some degree or another in quite a few sports. My oldest’s favorite sport is basketball. (One I am at least knowledgeable about.) When I was at his game, I remember hearing the coach tell the boys to get their hands up and play a little defense. You see the coach wanted to boys to block the attack of their opponent. Every day, Satan, our opponent is on the court with us. From the moment we step out of bed, he is right there trying to knock us off our game, trying make a steal, or foul us out.

How can we play the best defense against such an experienced opponent? We start each day on the attack. We defend our goals, our plans, our life. We go against Satan before he has a chance to make his first play. Playing defense against Satan includes:

Morning Worship

Morning Prayer

Continuous Words of Defense

Have you established a defense routine? Are you inviting God into your day? Are you asking for His covering, His support, His blessing, and His direction. Are you saying your affirmations? I sure hope so! Hands up!

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