My three year old wanted a pet – a dog in fact. He asked and asked for a dog to no avail but he doesn’t seem at all bothered by what he has not received. You see my son got a dog. His name was Rover. No one ever saw Rover but Rover was real to him. He named Rover. He considered Rover. He even asked me in the grocery store if we have enough food for Rover. Rover was my baby’s prayer. The other day I was reading about how God creates things before we can actually see them and I thought of Rover. Not saying my son will realize his dream of Rover — God’s still working on his mama — but I was so impressed how he has already at 3 learned to do what many of us adults can not. He could see what he was asking for, even though it was not before him. He has named it, made it real and even lived life as if Rover was present. It may sound like a silly kid and his silly imaginary pet but what if God wants us to have that same heart and mind. What if God wants us to not only come to Him and ask Him for something and regardless of whether or not it has come to fruition we named it, believed that we had act, walked in the confidence and belief of its existence, and considered it in our daily life and decisions. What if we really believed that God has already done what we are asking him for. What if we made our petitions real to us. What if we had faith that God was setting us up with our dreams. I always say that we can learn so much through our kids. I suppose that is why God says come to me as little children. Little children can believe in what they hope for as if it is, even though they do not yet see it.

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This year become like a little child. Walk in the confidence that God is meeting your request, your need, your dreams. What’s your Rover? Ask for it, name it, live like you already have it.

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