From Thankful to Thoughtful

This weekend is the time when many really get geared up for holiday shopping and that’s ok — but let’s keep the right heart. Be thoughtful as you shop. Don’t just scratch off people’s gifts like items on a grocery list. Select thoughtful gifts. Gifts that speak to your loved ones truest selves. If you have a friend that loves to craft, buy gifts to nurture that. One of my favs is Paint Yourself Positive. It uses watercolor to work through challenging feelings. Perfect for one who loves to paint but has been through a lot this year (like many of us). I have also really been enjoying purchasing journals for friends that want to go deeper like Soul Therapy and Believe Bigger.

If you have a friend that lost a loved one, perhaps a personalized memoriam gift or even an ornament to commemorate a milestone, accomplishment or just a memory.

Give (gift) from your heart ❤ as Christ gave from his. Christmas is about love and love is kind and thoughtful.

Sometimes through our gifting, we can give someone what they never had on their list. We can show them that we know them, we love them, and that we are really present…and that’s the real gift.

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