Giving Tuesday

Today is a day when you will see ads and tweets about donating to worth charities, giving toys to tots, donating to coat drives and even pleas to give to food banks. All worth while and great places to donate but lately I have been thinking a lot about all the children that go into this season, not just without fresh coats or toys, but kids that enter the season without a home, a good home, a solid family. Of all the ads I saw today for Giving Tuesday, I didn’t see anything about Giving a Home to a Child.

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As a foster parent, believe me, I know more than many how difficult it is to take a child into your home that is not your own, love the child and try to love away the bad, the tragic, and hurtful times. It’s hard and it’s also thankless, but there is such a need out there for loving families to all kinds of kids. When I think of all the needs out there, this one touches my heart most. This Tuesday, consider giving of yourself to a child in need. Consider giving a temporary or even a permanent home to a child in foster care. Consider being just a weekend respite provider for families that need support as they foster. Today, as I thought of Giving Tuesday, I thought of God’s command to us to care for the orphans. There are so many out there — going in the wrong direction — not because they are bad kids but because they are kids void of love. Love can cover a multitude of hurt in a young one’s life.

I pray that you will consider pouring love into these little vessels. I pray that you would consider giving a warm hug full of family meals and tuck-ins to a child that has felt nothing but the cold chill of trauma.

This is not a choice to be made lightly, but as you go through the advent season, just maybe you consider shining a light into the lives of these little ones. #GivingTuesday #GivingSeason #ShephardingHearts

If you take the plunge, I hope you will come back and share your experience.


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