Already Beautiful

This morning within the first 3 notes of the intro to “My Worship” (Phil Thomson), first scripture that came to mind were the words of Ecc. 3:11, He has made everything beautiful in its (his) time (depending on the translation).   I usually think of it as meaning that everything will be beautiful when God is ready for it to be.  This morning I woke up with a realization that God just makes everything beautiful.  God’s time is every second of every day.  There is beauty in everything and all the moments.  We are not waiting for God to make it beautiful. Even in the struggles and challenges, even in this space and season.  Yesterday, my sweet boy, had his first birthday surrounded by a multitude of family.  It was of course virtually but it was the first time ever where he had family across the nation there to see him on his birthday, to interact with him, to love him, to sing with him and to enjoy his birthday with him.  He received videos of friends and our sweet neighbors singing to him (kids and adults).  He said it was the best birthday ever.  I agree.  He was happy, but my heart was warmed all day long.  You can probably tell that it still is. I thank God for the beautiful things in this season in spite of the rest.  I thank God for each of you.  I pray you all find the things God has already made beautiful — even now — whether it be time with loved ones that you have never had time to enjoy, time to not only pray but also time to be still enough to hear God speak back, time to rediscover yourself, time to read, to appreciate the sound of the birds, to pour into our kids daily, or to actually have unrushed family dinners. God will make the globe pandemic free at some point but in the meantime in spite of the sadness, concerns, and inconvenience, he has given us so much beauty to enjoy – right now.   For that, here’s my worship.  Be well, be safe.  Hugs.

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One thought on “Already Beautiful

  1. Wonderfully articulated!! That is genuine joy expressed that is passes understanding!!! So honored to have been included and be a witness. And I absolutely agree we must see the beauty because is does exist. For that I am grateful and thankful.

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