Write the Vision and Make it Plain 

As I prepared our home to go be seen by potential buyers, I came across a somewhat pencil-smeared sheet of writing paper on the side of our fridge with a host of pictures, magnets, and other announcements.  The sheet of paper was kind of buried behind the other items so I had not seen it for about a year.  The sheet of paper I found was the list of desires, goals, and dreams that my husband and I came up with for the first five years of our marriage. 

After a year of not looking at it, I honestly forgot what we wrote; but in the house prepping frenzy, I took a moment to look at it before sticking it into the nearby kitchen drawer.  What I realized was amazing.  God really is in everything.  As I was prepping our home, I was blessed by the realization that without us even realizing it, God had been bringing our 5-year vision not just to fruition but more than half within the first year.  For me it was a wow moment but then again, this is the same God, the only God that can create the world with just the words of His mouth.  It’s like God is always amazing me and always bringing the scriptures to life in my life.  This morning my heart is overjoyed and my spirit is humbled and thankful.  Just as the proverb says, every word of God really is true.  This morning I am excited about what God has done and I am looking forward to what he will do. 

Thank you God for meeting not just my needs but providing (in magnanimous fashion) my wants. 

#Blessed to be a blessing! 

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