Life — Like a Vapor


Vapor  Over and over when I was younger I remember my father saying that life is like a vapor. More and more as I watch those I have known and love pass away around me, it becomes even more clear. While I know that many things in this life are outside of my ability to reason, death is by far the biggest.

How is it that someone can exist one moment and in the next few moments just suddenly be gone with no earthly return. I am not so naïve to think that I am the only one to have experienced this, nor so arrogant to think that it only matters when I am feeling it, but at this very moment, I am stunned, baffled, and in all kinds of disbelief about the reality that life truly is a vapor.

Vapor is here in one instance and gone the next. Vapor cannot be contained and maintained because by its very existence it evaporates just like each of our lives eventually. Today, my poor mother and her siblings lost their last living parent; and my 94 yr old great grandmother lost her baby, her only child. They were just looking at him, laughing with him, praying over him, and hugging him and now those physical expressions cease.

Life is such a beautiful thing but right now in this very moment, I am not sure about how I feel about the circle of it.

While I know spiritually that physical death is not the end; the human person in me gets to process the meaning and hurt of physical loss – and for me – this is how I do it. #LoveyouGrandpa #myfirstdancepartner

6 thoughts on “Life — Like a Vapor

  1. Latoya, this is regarding your January 2nd meditation which appeared in the 2015 Upper Room. I wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you for it, but have not gotten to doing it. Thanks ever so much. It ministered to me. Sometimes we cannot find the words to express our heartfelt desire. We praise God for the Holy Spirit who is there to help us at such time. Be truly blessed in your career and writing. Yours in Christ, Jeff

    1. Jeff – thank you so much for this note. I am not sure why it didn’t show up but God’s timing is perfect! I am jumping back into my blog and working on a new book. I hope you continue to be blessed by any word of encouragement I share.
      Be blessed! Latoya

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