Recovering Type A


My name is Latoya Morris and I am recovering Type A.  I don’t know much about the 12 step program but I do know that the first step is acknowledging there is a problem.  Today I recognize not just that I am a Type A but that I don’t want to be, there is no need to be, and that my life cannot be sustained being one.  Accomplishing is great and for me it truly a high but it can kill me just like any other substance causing a high.  Jesus was not a Type A, yet Jesus accomplished so much.  In just 3 years, He changed the world.  He didn’t have a schedule, commitments, a project plan, or an Outlook Calendar.  Hostessing perfect dinner parties, reading books on being more awesome, and living by his scheduled out life;  He just took his queue’s from his Father, stayed focus on the plans God had for him, and executed them. He leisurely loved others, purposefully cared for others, and without hesitation gave to others.  

Yesterday, I had an endoscopic test to see what was causing some issues I have had for about 5 weeks.  Turns out that I have a small hiatal hernia.  It is small and is managed with limitation of certain foods, drinks, and stress.  This morning I started thinking about my lifestyle changes and realized the biggest change I can make is to follow the steps that Jesus has already ordered for me. I can eat more “clean” and juice more and that’s great but to ease my stress, I can simply do a better job following God’s plans for me daily.  (Makes me want to write a post — Trading in your stress ball for Jesus :))

Just as God had a plan for Jesus during his time on earth.  God has a plan for me.  Being a Type A cannot be inline with following that plan. God is not a God of anxiety, stress, over commitment, or need to accomplish.  While I may be serving, writing, loving, inspiring, and growing in God’s word, I still have a long way from walking along on the plan God has for me.  

Today it is my desire to not look like the harried, rushed, overcommitted, overscheduled woman I have been all my life; but to begin to look more like God.  I pray for the personality change to move from the type A into a personality centered on God’s mission, living in God’s flow, doing what God wants me to do, how, and when he wants me to do it.  Being a type A can kill me but being a type G(od) brings a more abundant life to me and all those around me. Thank you God for getting my attention and giving me the subtle reminder. 

Be blessed! 


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