Not All Moms Have Kids


For many women today is the day where they are celebrated for having children, but for some it is the day that they are reminded in a large way that they do not.  Mother’s Day celebrates moms for the day-to-day way they care for, or have cared for their children; but the work begins long before childbirth.  Today, I celebrate moms that make breakfast, wipe tears, clean cuts, read stories, etc. but I also celebrate moms without kids; moms who have put their all into pregnancies that ended with delivery of a baby that never cried, moms that have miscarried, and mom’s diligently working to conceive. 

Happy Mother’s Day to Every Mom that Is, that wants to be, that tries to be, and has been (even if for a short moment). For the sacrifice, the hardship, the work, the loss, the love and the continued faith of what can and will be, I celebrate you! Happy Mother’s Day!

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