In such a day of connectivity, we hate to feel disconnected.  Leaving our cell phones at home is a major issue.  Lack of internet connectivity is unfathomable.  It can be the same with God. For months, I have felt like my connection to Christ was going in and out.  It was like I was signing in and it felt like my signal was weak – my connection “felt” weak.  His connection to me has always been there but the issue was on my end.  I wanted to fix it but overtime felt discouraged by the inability to tap into the powerful connection I was feeling in months passed.   As I read, I was just reading. As I prayed, I felt like I was just speaking.  My connection felt different; like it was lacking something. 


Weeks ago I read Psalm 51.  As I read create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me I had a light bulb moment or as Oprah calls it, an “aha moment”.  My heart and my spirit needed a reset. The exhaustion, the busyness, the running, the emotional highs had overwhelmed me and my spirit.  I began to ask God to restore the joy of my salvation.  Jesus asked the blind man “what do you want me to do for you?” The blind man asked for restoration of his sight.  That day I asked for restoration of my joy (my connection).  As I started to not only read and pray but to truly delight (take great pleasure) in my time with God my signal has gotten stronger, and my connection (my joy) have been restored. 


This morning I am not just joyful but elated to have my connection back.          


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