Fireworks because I am not self-governing

Today, Independence Day, the 4th of July, the great U.S. day of celebration.  This is the day that marks our country’s independence from Great Britain.  No more is the U.S. governed by British law.  The nation rejoices with parties, and great food and fireworks — we are independent.  We are free — We are self-governing.

This morning I rejoice over tea and internal heart-sparked fireworks that I am no longer self-governing. No, I am not bound by British law, correct, but the last thing I am or desire to be is self-governing.  I am under the reign of something higher.  In fact, someone higher.  This morning my fireworks are set off because I decided about four years ago that Christ would be my governing authority. Not my religion, not a weekly worship experience but my total governing body in all things.  Today I am all on fire because each day is my Dependence Day.  It is a new day to be totally dependent on Him. 

Happy 4th of July! 

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