Congrats! It’s a Teenage Girl!

It has been about a month or so since my last post. We have been pretty busy. Last time I posted, I talked about purpose over preference. If you don’t remember, we have been wanting to adopt a 4-10 year old and God brought the possibility of a 14-year old into our life. That is not what we were planning for but we are excited for what it to come. Come June we will be fostering a 14-year old teen girl with the plan to adopt. We are excited. She is excited. We are all excited.

In January, I felt like I was in this “nesting” space. I had this overwhelming need to clean and organize everything. I felt like it was time to get the room that we would use for a new child ready. I personally painted it and decorated it and prepared furniture. It is the only room in our home that I have actually painted. As a mom on bedrest, for each of my children, I have never been physically able to prepare the nursery, so I took so much joy to prepare this room for a child I had yet to know existed. But I felt a tug that something, someone was coming. I was pregnant with anticipation of an unknown.

I am a mom of boys or at least I always have been, but as I admitted before, I have a tutu in my closet that I purchased when I first got engaged about 7 years ago. My desire for a daughter has lingered in the back of my heart’s closet just like that red Christmas tutu. I have no idea what the future holds as we start this day-to-day journey but I am looking forward to the chance to finally be mom to a daughter. God’s blessings are so cool in that they are not one sided but mutually beneficial. When we bless, we are blessed in return. She gets a mom but I also get a long awaited daughter. Together, over time, with God’s grace and help, we will both grow into the missing puzzle pieces, have longed for.

Sometimes God takes us to the destination the “long” way or so we think, but God’s way and timing is always perfect. We just have to be willing to follow His directions. I am not expecting this easy, no more than I thought months of nursing or long nights with no sleep were easy. I expect to put in the time to grow with her, to learn her needs and see her personality. I look forward to sharing this journey with you all and appreciate your prayers and support.

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