Unbusy Yourself


Lately I have been feeling a bit uninspired.  In prior months, I was hearing so many cool things from God that I had to write memos in my phone and have been trying to connect Alexa to my voice memo so I could capture it all.  Then I got really busy.  An active life isn’t bad.  Busy in itself isn’t bad. These were great things to be busy with.  Client engagement, exciting projects, relationship building, family time, and reacclimating with friends are great things.  While they are great, they required more time and that time was taking from my quiet, meditative time – my time with myself and my time with God. 

When we are so busy and just on the go and moving and shaking it feels good but it could be too much busyness that we don’t have time to hear from God.  For the past few weeks, I wasn’t really hearing from God left and right like I had been.  Then it hit me why….I’m too busy…and while it feels nice in many respects, with that busyness came a loss of my balance.  Friends, I have realized that busy is the enemy of balance. When I am balanced, my creativity and inspiration flourish without much effort. The direction for my life is clear.

If you feel a little off balance, if you are a writer that is having an issue writing, a thinker that’s not really having interesting ideas, a Pastor that can’t prepare a good message or even a business owner that can’t really get a solid message about your product or service together, it could be because you are just too busy.  Get quiet.  Unbusy yourself a little.

Unbusy yourself enough to hear from God so he can direct you in how to best support His mission. When you unbusy yourself, it is the first step to making room for God. I often hear people say God doesn’t speak to them…maybe there is just no room for you to hear from Him. It’s like the busy signal that we used to get back-in-the-day (way back). When the line was busy, another call – no matter how important couldn’t get through. That’s what busyness does to us. It hinders the call of God from getting through. Yes, God is all powerful and can definitely break through but He wants us to make room. He wants us to want to hear from Him enough that we carve out the time – the thoughtful, open-hearted, unhurried, meditative time.

This week, I am feeling back on the horse.  Things are exciting and interesting and of course — it is time for summer fun, but I’m maintaining my balance and managing my “busy.” Hope you will too.

Be blessed!



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