Trampoline Discipleship

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My parents bought our boys a trampoline for the backyard. They love it. They spend hours in the yard in it with a few select friends. Often times my husband and I look out the window and we can just see the kids jumping and talking. We wonder how much they could possibly have to talk about. We soon found out. One Sunday, our 6-year old mentioned that his friend has a crush. When we asked who, he said God. We were cool with that. He then shared that his friend (a 5-year old) told him that God’s wife is the church. On another occasion, he shared that his 8 and 10 year old friends know the words to “his” song (Goodness of God). We wondered how he knew this….then we realized, this is what they are talking about in the trampoline. They are singing God’s songs. They are talking about Him.

Most of us have been fairly limited in terms of engagement and activities. We may not be out and about too much. For that reason it’s easy to feel like you don’t have much opportunity to share God’s goodness with others, but regardless of where we are, even in our own backyard on our trampoline, there is an opportunity to share God. If Trampoline Discipleship and Trampoline Worship is a thing, maybe we just might have a few opportunities too. I love the simplicity of kids. They are the best disciples out there. They don’t look for perfect (they don’t even realize there is such a thing). They don’t gauge timing either. They are just being who God made them to be and happily sharing it with others.

Whether we are at work, on skype, in the gym, taking a walk with a neighbor, or whatever other day-to-day activities we have, think about the little kids jumping in the trampoline, literally stumbling upon their love of God and sharing it with each other. There may never be the perfect time or the perfect place but there is always an available time and an available place. What available times and places will you start to take advantage of to share a little bit of the goodness of God. Where’s your trampoline worship?


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