The Office Blessing

There was a phrase that the older people used to say, “Don’t make me loose my religion!” I can almost hear it in my head. There are a few places that make us feel like that but the #office, your workplace, is definitely one. It’s interesting how we separate God and work. It’s almost like we are unconsciously applying the separation of church and state ideology within our personal professional lives. The thing is that that is the last thing God wants us as Christians to do. We can’t separate the God in us from our work no more than you can separate the flour from a cake. He’s baked in and for good reason. (Remember #MaryMary’s song – It’s the God in Me!”). God wants us to take Him with us wherever we go so that He can touch others through us. That includes our work.

This has been a tough year for mental health. Especially workplace mental health. We have gone from looking for Work-Life Balance to ending up far right with more of an intrusive Work-Life Blend and most aren’t doing so well with it. God’s light in you is the can be the best untapped Employment Assistance Program (EAP) and mental health benefit available.

My friends, if you haven’t realized it yet, the Office Blessing is You! You are what your meetings, colleagues , and yes even sometimes your supervisor need. Yes, little ole amazing, calming, truth bringing, positive-light shedding, changing-the-tone-on-the-call you! Each morning you grab your laptop and your smart phone, but don’t forget to grab God’s light and bring it with you (even if you go no further than to your Zoom calls.) Shine it with every opportunity you can. Let it emanate from you like a gorgeous ray of sunlight hitting the window first thing in the morning.

Here are 5 Ways to Be God’s Light at Work

Be Positive. A cheerful heart is good medicine. Smile. It goes a long way…even when someone can’t see your face. Their interaction with you could be the only positive engagement they have that day.

Encourage and Support Your Team Mates. Sometimes you have to help others think on what is good, praiseworthy and of good report. Be considerate. Recognize them. Call them out – for the good things. Give them grace for the mistakes. Live out the fruit of the spirit with them. Be a living example of kindness, goodness, and patience. Be an example of love and inclusion.

Pray for the People and the Projects. Colleagues, partners and even clients need it. We all do. Make them a part of your morning prayer time. Pray for the ones that seem overwhelmed, down, and even the difficult ones. Pray for the all over the place, trying to figure it out clients. Pray for the partners that may be stellar or may be challenging every ounce of patience you still have. They need it. We all do. Don’t stop with the people, but also pray over the projects and performance. Not just those that you lead up either 🙂

Model honesty and #integrity. If we won’t, who will. An Executive once told me Quality is like Integrity – what does either actually mean anyway. Well, in the midst of everything, let’s strive to be a living reminder of what integrity is, a reminder of what it looks like to do the right thing because it’s right and suggest the right thing because it is right. Let’s be the one on the call that promotes honesty, goodness, self-control and fairness with customers, partners and within our teams.

Stay charged up. Being a blessing is beautiful but it can leave you empty if you are not continually recharging. The same way you charge your laptop or your phone, you have to charge your spirit. Nothing can work without power coursing through it. You need to make sure you have God’s power cell built up. Read God’s word daily. Pray and ask for His help spreading His love. Ask for His patience as you extend patience and grace to others. Pray that in the thick of the day, you won’t “lose your religion” but rather you will radiate the joy of it in all circumstances. Pray for a discerning heart that can pick up on the sighs of someone’s heart in the midst of the action actions.

I would love to hear others. Share in the comments! Which of these will you add into your work life. Remember, you are the office blessing. It is waiting on you and it desperately needs you. You are no small wheel in anyone’s cog. You are the quiet blessing that creates power and love in the atmosphere. You could be someone’s #GraceInTheMoment. #God_applied #intentionalliving #purposefullife #IntegrityInsights #Grace #Blessed #Blessing


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