No Pretty Path to Purpose

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What an example of this that we just paid remembrance to this weekend. Christ had a purpose. His purpose was to preach the gospel, make disciples, and ensure salvation for mankind. It was a tall order and definitely an important one but it wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t easy. His purpose, I’m sure we would all agree, was the hardest of all…but he pushed through in spite of. He endured in spite of, for the greater good — our greater good — and accomplished what He set out to do.

God has a plan for all of our lives. He put us here for a purpose, but sometimes we get caught up on the challenges associated with the purpose. By that I mean we don’t want any of the challenges — but hey ladies, gents…there is no perfectly pretty pleasurable path to purpose. The path to purpose is not paved with roses but rather lined with opportunities to stretch, grow, recover, re-plan, and push through.

As we continue to pursue our purpose, let’s remember that while it may not be perfect or pretty, that doesn’t mean that it won’t come to pass. It will. It will likely require tough days and long nights but just keep pushin’ – someone else is depending on it. #Godapplied #Purpose #Push #Devotional #WritingCommunity #ApplyingGodin2021 #PurposeDrivenLife #grace #blessed #wordpress #author


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