Free Vector | He is risen. easter background.

Happy Resurrection Day Friends! After more than a year or COVID, economic challenges, societal unrest and political anxiety, this day provides a much needed peace. Today, because Christ got up, we can too. We can get up from the anxiety, stress and emotional unrest that we may have had over this year and become renewed by the greatest hope that there is. Christ rose for our salvation. Salvation means not only “deliverance from sin and its consequences” but it also means “preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss.” He died and rose so that we could – we could be delivered from our sin, from our depression, from our loss, from our lack of confidence, from our sickness and disease, from our anger issues, from our imposter syndrome, from our victim mentality, from our selfishness, from our loneliness, from our lack, from our job loss, you name it.

After such a hope-challenging year, I am so thankful this morning for the HOPE that this Resurrection Day represents. Don’t keep this hope to yourself friends, but share it with the countless folks that can’t see a way through. Introduce them to the Hope that comforts, heals and delivers. #Easter #Resurrection #Risen #RiseUp #Devotion #Godapplied #Covid #Hope #Writingcommunity #Christ


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