Natural Medicine

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The other morning, I found myself in a funk thinking about something that happened at work the day before. Then I had a random thought of encouragement based on the lesson from bible study the night before that I shared with some friends in attendance. We started texting and sharing insights, thoughts and links from there. From there, I posted something encouraging in my LinkedIn Christian Professionals groups and started seeing and reacting to comments. At the same time, I started writing a few blog posts and was just on a role. As I was working, I received the chime from an instant message. I was sharing with my husband that I was bummed this morning because of a known work frustration. As I shared with him, I realized (only then mind you) that I was no longer bummed out and hadn’t been since I started sharing and encouraging and posting this morning’s God-sights (like insights).

Sharing God’s goodness, encouragement and motivation is good natural medicine. It is a natural mood lifter. No side effects just life affecting for both you and the recipients. I hope and believe that someone was blessed by the encouragement that I was pouring out to my friends, LinkedIn, and in the blogs that I wrote earlier that morning but I can honestly say that I surprisingly and without even noticing, was being uplifted and blessed as well. Being good and doing good to others, sharing God’s message with others, and knowing that you are being a help, blessing and encouragement to someone, is good natural medicine. I think I will keep this at the front of the medicine chest.

If you are feeling down, lift someone else up. You will be surprised at how it lifts you up in the process.

Bless and Be Blessed!

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