Dressed for the Day?

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

I have established a decent routine during COVID. I wake, pray, read my affirmations, read a scripture or Bible chapter, exercise, get dressed and go about my day. I feel good about this routine. It’s got God, exercise and positive focus — all the essentials, right — or at least that’s what I thought until this very moment. This morning, I couldn’t help thinking about my 30 minute one-on-one with my new manager. Every time we chat, it is just an emotional drain to my positive energy. With each engagement, I become less enthralled with the work that I actually enjoy (and that’s putting it mildly). This morning I still felt the drain from yesterday. Then the scripture came to mind to Put on the Whole Armor of God. But I do that right? I read the word each morning. I read my affirmations each morning. Is that not enough armor? The realization that I had this morning was that maybe I am not necessarily dressing in the right armor for the particular day.

When we get up and get dressed, we tend to dress for the day — the weather and the activities, yet when we “put on the whole armor of God,” perhaps we are putting on our generic Godly armor. I mean, we read a scripture or scriptures, we pray, we read our standard affirmations but we haven’t put on armor for the weather, the activities of the day. By now, I know the days that I meet with my manager and I know the effects. Perhaps I should be armoring up with the words and scriptures that cover me and speak to what my day might hold and not just the scripture that aligns to my reading plan or devotional.

I have heard so many say I read my Bible every day (or even that they want to) but I don’t really know what to read. I too have said that. Reading a devotional or a planned reading is a great place to start but in the spirit of personal / spiritual refinement, perhaps a step further would be to look at what is on our plate for the day (assess the weather) and align our Bible reading and our prayers to cover us, protect us and build us up from the elements that we know are sure to hit.

So, are you dressed for day? I’m not but before I get dressed tomorrow, I plan to start checking the weather and armoring up accordingly. #Godapplied #christianencouragement #grace #armor #continualimprovement #ApplyingGodin2021 #ChristianQMS

Be blessed friends!

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