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The other day I saw a news article pass by my feed that there has been some enlarged mammograms in those that had taken the Covid-19 vaccine. Not reading the entire article just yet, I was immediately a bit worked up. The question to vaccinate or not vaccinate is a decision that everyone has to make for themselves. There is so much information to weigh and from my initial vantage point, here was another potential risk. As someone planning to vaccinate, I became concerned. Do I risk one thing for the sake of protecting against another? What is more dangerous, what is more likely? These were all things that I asked myself. I was overwhelmed within the span of 10 minutes. (Seemingly rather unnecessarily.)

In that moment, I thought to myself at the end of the day, the truest vaccine, the truest protection is prayer. We can’t plan for all the what ifs or what if nots, but we can ask the Lord to protect us, to protect our families and the world around us. You may not receive the call for vaccination for months but you can call on God daily to protect your family, to provide his covering over your life and your home, to shield your respiratory from the germs that abound and to help you to do what is best for yourself and your family. Since the beginning of this pandemic, I have been asking for God’s protection and covering. Whether you decide to vaccinate or not is a personal decision, but regardless of which you do, the only vaccine that can provide ultimate protection of covid-19, of any effects of the covid-19 vaccine is the word of God. So, I will likely continue down my path to vaccination but I will never stop relying on the power and strength of the truest vaccine, the truest protection that there is against this virus and everything else that plagues the world, effective and fervent prayer. I will continue to pray his words daily and continue to inject the daily dose of the vaccine of all vaccines (prayer). I just wanted to remind you all to join me and continue to do the same.

Be well. Be safe. Be blessed!

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  1. Thanks for commenting Anastasia. These are real concerns about the pandemic and the vaccine but we just have to weigh our pros and cons and regardless pray because that’s the ultimate protection.

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