Who Are We Beholden To?

Two weeks ago I admitted the areas where I was not really on track with in terms of my goals. I felt a bit weird sharing that my couple prayer time was not on track with my goals nor my 1 on 1 dates with each kid. I overthought about sharing that. What will they think? Will they think that my husband and I aren’t connected or aren’t spiritually aligned? Will they think that I’m a bad parent? Essentially, I was concerned about the perception of those reading. Should I go back and explain myself in the post? Should I clarify? I didn’t, the post remained and I was actually glad for another opportunity to grow in my own transparency (after about an hour of self-talk).

As I went about the week, I noticed a similar pattern where people were explaining themselves, their lives and their decisions on social media. We don’t owe explanations of our actions or clarification of each aspect of our lives to the world. Their validation, comprehension, permission, and approval are not required.

But why do we have such a preoccupation with the perception of others? Are we as concerned about God’s perception of us as much as the public perception of our followers, friends, family and network? Do we rush to explain to Him or clarify? Do we care what He thinks about our actions? At that end of the day, the opinion that matters most is of our Lord and Savior. So, together, let’s try to go about the day, the week, the year trying to impress Him, explaining our actions or inaction to Him, and seeking His approval not the worlds. #GodApplied #Christianwoman #grace #blessed #ApplyingGodin2021 #encouragement.

Colossians 3:23 – And whatsoever ye do, do [it] heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.

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