Celebrate the Wins

I can’t believe we just wrapped up the second month of the year. We all started with goals in terms of our outcomes and hopefully our habits. This weekend, I thought about some of the positive strides that I made toward my goals. Yes, I have a long way to go to get where I want to be at the end of the year, but I have moved the bar to the right and for that I am proud. I looked at my vision board, applauded the wins (with a smile to myself) and also took stock of the areas where I have fallen short.

With my current client, we are pretty sales driven so each month there is a big month end process where we assess the planned objectives vs. our actuals. We look at the gaps and determine the plan forward. It used to be a pretty big deal with celebratory dinner and donuts each month (regardless of the outcomes) pre-Covid. The bible reminds us that without a plan the people perish. A plan is not just something that you write once and hope for the best. It is something that you plan, revisit and replan. A good plan is a living plan. I hope you had a good first two months moving in the direction of your plans. I hope you continue to invite God into your plans and make him the head of the consulting board on your decisions. I pray that you continue to speak to the mountains inhibiting your progress. I pray that you remove any doubt and maintain your faith. I pray that your plans are fruitful and blessed. Whatever didn’t happen last month, I encourage you to not look back in regret, but rather look forward with new energy and new perspective. Total honesty, I thrived in some areas but my goal of couple prayer time was lacking and I missed some 30-min dates with my kids. I could feel bad but instead I’m choosing to do something about them. Instead I literally created calendar invites to prioritize the time. (Hopefully you won’t judge me — remember I’m working to be more transparent). I also thrive with accountability so congrats, you have been drafted to keep me accountable :). Anyway, whatever your misses were, just keep moving forward. I pray you have continued success this year and specifically in this new month! Be blessed!

Photo by Adrienne Andersen on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “Celebrate the Wins

  1. Yes! I put EVERYTHING in my calendar (dinner with friends, phone calls to parents, everything! ), unapologetically…lol! Bc I am a type A personality, I enjoy checking things off my list. With that being said, it holds me accountable not to only check off my to do list but to prioritize time with friends and family. I am pleased when I can look at the end of the day and see that all/most things have gotten done. I’m giving myself grace but knowing what works for you is imperative to reaching your goals.

    1. Sometimes that is how we make sure certain things are prioritized, especially when other things are always competing for our time. I felt bad for doing so. This made me feel better about it! Thx.

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