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This week seems to have been all about getting through and believing in your awesomeness. This week I just wanted to remind myself, my friends and you all to take life one day at a time, deal with tomorrows stress tomorrow; and to punch that lie of not being enough in the gut because you are. Today, want to sum up the week with another reminder. Remember all the battles you have won. Remember all the strides you have made. Remember all the seemingly small feats that you have made. Remember that you have made it this far. Sometimes it is so easy to become stuck in the right now, that we forget to look back and smile. We forget to look back and appreciate. Sometimes when we look back and remember, it actually replenishes our emotional and spiritual fortitude to look ahead and BELIEVE. Believe that you are strong enough for this journey and that you with the help of God have proven that time and time again.


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