Happy Sunday Friends! It’s been a little over a week since my last post. I was exhausted in every sense of the word and I needed some recovery. Funny, just as soon as I declared my word of the year FOCUS, I found myself taken in a direction to shake my focus. That is just how it can be. When you set your mind and heart towards the things God wants for you and has for you, the distractor comes with his distractions. Trust me, he knows you and he knows what distracts you and throws you off course. Yes, last week, I needed rest and I did get that, but I also needed to push through my distraction and maintain my focus. Rest can be physical – which I definitely needed, but rest can also be for the mind and emotions. That is the kind of rest that comes from giving what concerns you and upsets you and hurts you over to God. That rest comes from meditating on his Word, his promises, and speaking those affirming words over your life. It is the rest that comes from closing your eyes, cuddling up like a child and resting in the comfort and FAITH that God will take care of you. Sometimes it seems easier to try to take care of ourselves, but it drains us. Why do that when truly handing it over to God will do just the opposite — restore us?

As I write this, I am still working through the second part of the rest — the true handoff. Am I the only one? What do you do to truly give your challenges over to God (not just in words or meditation but deep down in your heart)? Hope to hear from you and thank you for the prayers last week.

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