Don’t Grow Weary

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It’s Friday guys. My cheery nature wants to say Happy Friday with exuberance but this week I have honestly not been feeling so cheery. This week, I have been feeling tired, drained, worn out, overworked and worst of all underappreciated and undervalued. My energy is tapped and my mind, body and spirit is running on fumes.

The past two mornings I skipped my workout so I could start working at 5:30 a.m. Trying to stop this bad habit before it solidifies, I fought the urge to work and instead did what I needed to do for my well-being — and worked out. Of course that doesn’t stop the mind from thinking of the massive to do list…at least not my mind…and even during my workout I felt the drain even before starting my workday.

As I worked out, I talked to God a bit (well maybe vented is a better word) and even released a few tears. In that God reminded me not to grow weary in well-doing. Well-doing is well-doing. It isn’t necessarily just in giving, or serving others or things we consider spiritual. It is also in those other areas like work, life commitments, chores, and other things that wear us down.

This morning God was giving me a hug, reminding me not to grow weary but to keep going. Keep being my cheery self, keep giving that to others, continue to do good work with a good attitude amd let him do the rest. He reminded me of the need to affirm that He is my provider. That he will provide whatever rest, time, additional resources, minimal interruptions, and mental recovery that I need if I just push through and not grow weary.

So with that said I thank God for a good day in advance, a blessed day, an accomplished day. I thank Him for giving me the emotional and spiritual replenishing needed. If you feel weary today, this week or even this month for whatever your reasons are, remember God’s promises to see you through. Let it refresh you and preserve you. Let it be the inertia that pushes you through. Have a Happy Friday and Be Blessed!

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