Project Manage My Life

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I am a project manager at heart. PMP, Agile, SCRUM certified project manager whether it be IT systems, management systems, data, training, digital marketing, you name it. Yet as I think this morning about my life, I realized hey, maybe I need to approach life with some of the same tenets of Project Management.

This morning I decided my word for the year is FOCUS because I really want to complete things that I have desired for a few years now and continually get distracted and pulled from. As I decided on my word of FOCUS and thinking about the things that I wanted to FOCUS on, I could really see how easy it could be to lose focus. Funny thing is that we do things for other people but sometimes forget to apply our professional expertise to our personal life. To stay focused, I need a clear scope, clear goals, a clear plan and roadmap for each goal, some clear measurable targets and status meetings with none other but myself each month to stay on track. Most importantly, I have to manage my scope creep like I would for any other client. It’s hard for your own goals. There is so much you want to accomplish but this year I will stay focused. This year I will project manage myself — in terms of my goals. Some people may see that as a bad thing. Some will see it as being rigid, but think about it, this is how successful initiatives happen all the time. Why can’t we see accomplishing our goals as successful initiatives to bring to fruition. Besides, I’m running this project in an Agile environment so no worries, flexibility will be built in. πŸ™‚

God is so cool in that He puts within us or around us what we need, to be who He wants us to be, both to ourselves in the world. As you think about your word this year and your goals, I know you will find the same to be true.

What’s your word for this year? What are you doing to stay on track?


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