50 More Weeks

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

How did it go last week? Did you imagine your most beautiful authentic life? How did it look? What were you doing? How were you feeling? I hope you really thought about it. God wants us each to live our best life – in real life.

Each year not only in my professional life but in my personal life, I do some Annual Planning. Essentially I think about what I want to accomplish in my family life, as a mom, wife, professional and just as a woman enjoying her life. God wants us to have a vision for our life. As we move into week 2 of this great new year on the road to our great new selves, do a little annual planning of your own. If you have tried this before and it wasn’t successful, maybe try annual planning God’s way.

  1. Include the right participants. You may be thinking who else do I need but me if this is my annual plan. True, but there is always at least one other that we always need to invite. Invite God into the planning process with you. Ask him to clarify for you if your plan aligns to His will for your life. Ask for his help with what you are desiring. Without Him our plans can never be successful.
  2. Write down your plans, your vision. Make it simple. Make it plan. Type it in your phone, maybe a vision board, or a mind map. Just get it out of your head and somewhere where you can see it. (Write the vision and make it plain.) I keep mine tacked to my mom desk right off the kitchen and also in my phone. You can never have it available in too many places :).
  3. Meditate on that plan. Meditate on things that are good, lovely, honorable, pure, etc. Meditate on your dreams. If God was included in your plan — the plan should be made up of things that are good, lovely, honorable, and align to God’s word. I actually add my desires to my morning affirmations to keep me focused on them and to continually bring my heart’s petitions before God. ( I definitely want to keep Him engaged in the work of the year — all year.)
  4. Get Help. The first helper I suggest is God. Ask Him to help you. Remind Him of his promises to help you. You could even incorporate that into your daily affirmations from step 3. If your goals means that you could use a life coach, professional mentor or financial planner get one (or at least read books written by some). I love good “self-help” books.
  5. Have Faith that God will help you. Have faith in your abilities and God’s power. Yeah, sure you think you’re awesome and you believe in God but believing you can accomplish all your dreams and believing in God’s true power to help you do whatever this is maybe weak. They are not the same. Specifically, believe in God’s power to help you with your plan. Believe in your true awesomeness – not the one you may post online in pics. Belief is the quickest thing to lose in the midst of challenges but hold fast to your belief all year long. Believe even if others say its not possible. God is limitless and you are his beautiful workmanship.
  6. Do the work of the plan. If your plan includes weight loss – do the work. If it’s a great marriage – do the work. Whatever it is – Do the Work – Make the time. Faith without the work is dead. A plan without a push goes no where.
  7. Get a partner (or partners). Iron sharpens iron and one man sharpens another. Get with a friend, relative, spouse, or even online group. You need the encouragement and support and so do they. You also may both need the swift kick from time to time :).

Enjoy planning this week! Enjoy becoming your new you!

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