New Normal

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Well, 2021 is here. Expectations of newness, better-ness, and return to normalcy are things I keep hearing. But what is normalcy? It is the return to the way things were before…but is that really what we want? I am going with no. This morning I woke up with scripture about thinking on what is good. What was good for you this year? Maybe you prefer to make the good of this year and past years your new normal as opposed to yearning for the old normal. I think if 2020 taught us nothing else, it taught us that what was isn’t what has to be. This year we can all craft our own new normal. Take a little of this that I love from this period, and a little of that from another.

What worked really well last year? Did you and your family have dinner together more. Make that your new normal. Did you and your spouse make time to enjoy activities together? Keep that too. Did you work remotely this year? If so, a LOT of companies are moving into a remote workforce so there are opportunities out there. Your new normal is just that – YOURS — so make it whatever you want it to be. Imagine your most beautiful life and then determine to create it. This week I challenge you to think about, even dream about the life you want. This year I challenge you to start implementing pieces of it.

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