What if we realized

Last week I heard from a kid from my home town. He randomly sent me a picture of a letter and said,” Mrs. Sessa wanted me to give this to you.” Let me first say, I am a 40 year old woman and Mrs. Sessa was my 5th grade homeroom and math teacher. I haven’t seen or spoken to Mrs. Sessa in 30 years so imagine how blown away I was. Mrs. Sessa, now 90 years old, had a letter that I wrote her in 5th grade essentially professing that my math class was not challenging enough, I needed more, and I needed her help to change my situation. Reading the words of my 10 years old self was an emotional experience. I could not believe the professionalism of that 10 year old girl, the confidence of that 10 year old girl, a girl who knew what she wanted, needed and who she needed to help get her there. Even moreso, I couldn’t believe that my teacher of 30 years ago kept it. Through the loss of her husband, move from her home and into assisted living, she kept the words of a little 5th grade girl. Mrs. Sessa thought more of me at that time than I knew to think of myself. I keep asking myself, why did she keep it. What did she see in me? What if I had seen what she saw when I was 10.

What if we realized how awesome we are instead of focusing on how we just might not be enough? What if we realized how courageous, independent, and amazing we really are? What if we helped someone realize this about themselves. This year, I challenge each of us to see ourselves as wonderfully Christ sees us – as beautiful, blessed, gifted, talented, deserving of love and respect, valuable, strong and more than enough. Then I challenge us to pay that forward to someone else. #ApplyingGodin2021

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