2 More Days

Well, it is almost here! The big day! Jesus’ Day! For you purists, yes, we know that Jesus was not born on Dec. 25th but we can still celebrate the gift of Christ’s birth. It’s ok that we allow our kids to believe in Santa if we choose, or enjoy elf fun, decorate our homes, and participate in holiday gatherings (socially distanced ones of course this year), because we know that the festivity is about celebrating Christ’s Mass — Christmas. The biggest mass of the year. I’m excited! Excited for the expressions of love that we have passed along to family. I have been excited and happy about each advent activity of donating items to those less fortunate, enjoying much needed family time, spreading joy through cards, reading the story of Jesus’ birth, using our God given creativity to create our own Gingerbread house, and praying together. The lead in has been great…and we have taken every opportunity to enjoy the peace of Christmas and spread it to friends and family that need the reminder of God’s love…but I am most excited about the big day — the celebration of Jesus. What will you be doing in your home to celebrate Jesus this Christmas morning?


  • Maybe sing Happy Birthday (Everyone loves that song at their party).
  • Maybe bake Him a cake and make a wish for his love to be spread across the land.
  • Maybe give Him the gift of your heart and worship; rededicate yourself to Him.
  • Maybe write Him a love letter of your appreciation.
  • Maybe hang a banner with balloons.

Whatever you do celebrate Jesus. Worship Jesus. Give thanks that because he was born, He was able to sacrifice His life for yours. I’m ready. Are you? #2MoreDays


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