Letters to Jesus

Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

What if instead of writing letters to Santa, we wrote prayers to Jesus. Ever notice how people talk about Christmas wishes like prayer requests. I get children writing Christmas lists to Santa. After all he makes toys at the north pole with his merry band of elves…but he doesn’t provide healing. He doesn’t provide intangibles. He doesn’t / can’t make the world a better place.  
Recently I watched a Christmas special with my kids and the mom wrote Santa a letter asking for her family to be reunited. It seems that we are making Santa Jesus. I believe in the magic of Christmas but I think its important to remember that the magic, the miracles come from the God not Santa. 
This year maybe let’s try writing a Christmas prayer to Jesus. Let’s pour our heart and our belief into it. Let’s have the expectation that His desire is to grant us the petitions of our heart. We could even ask our families to join us. Let’s start a new Christmas letter writing campaign addressed to our Lord and Savior. 


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