During this weird time in the world, I am incredibly blessed to work in the room next door to my kids’ classroom (previously known as the playroom). Through the door that separates my office from their classroom, I hear much of their participation with their classes. A few months ago, as I wrapped up a meeting and went near the door to check on my Kindergartener whose class was about to end, he says to the teacher, Ms. Panetta, can I sing a song? He then proceeds to sing a random song that he has made up. (He does this often at home, but I never expected him to have the boldness to do this with strangers that he just met 2 weeks ago when school started.) As I opened the door and glanced, he was so comfortable singing his tune for his class – no shy face, eyes on the camera, and confident. I thought to myself, “look at this kid,” and shook my head. The more I thought about it, I thought, “look at this kid,” with such pride, astonishment, and admiration.

As adults we often lose that boldness. As Christians (in our Christian walk), some of us never develop it at all. While we are here to teach kids, I often find that they themselves are the best teachers parent’s (adults) can have. Kids are really cool in that they are just themselves. No filter. No masking. What you see is what you get. Kids learn fear, self consciousness, and timidity and they turn into us — adults. This year, let’s get back to our truest, boldest, most confidence, bravest selves. Let’s live in our authenticity. Let’s boldly sing our song to the world. Who knows — just maybe they will sing along.

2021 is waiting. Let’s show up.

I’d love to hear how you are going to walk in your boldness, braveness and authenticity. What song will you be singing to the world this year?

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