Taking Time to Remember

Lately I have been writing about my journey as a mom of a teenage daughter but today as I wanted to take a little time to remember my first two daughters — Madisyn and Sariyah — who I loved but really never knew. Today mark’s the start of Pregnancy Loss Month. On September 23, 2013, I had the hardest day of my life. I gave life knowing it would last just a few moments, if that. That was the day I gave birth to Madisyn and Sariyah at 16 weeks. It was a real labor with pushing and breathing. Madisyn was stillborn and Sariyah breathed a few short minutes before leaving this earth. I still have the matching onesies and headbands I brought for them years ago. At some point I am sure I will be able to part with them….but not yet. As I parent my teen daughter, I can’t help but imagine how my little twin girls would be. While we had a very little time with them, they are forever in my heart. For any that have lost their little angel, my heart and prayers are with you this month.

Be blessed!

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