My Favorite

Since I was fairly young, my favorite scripture has always been 1 Cor. 13 – Love is. Maybe it is because I have always loved love. Love as I used to know it was sweet, romantic, gave you butterflies and came with poems and sweet nothings. As I grew a little older love started to take on some more other more serious meanings and definitely once I crossed into marriage, but as my understanding and actualization about love matured and grew, nothing could prepare me for the reality of what love is through the eyes of being a foster to adopt parent. At least every other day I have a self actualization of this scripture played out before. Love, unconditional, Godly love for someone you have not had any connection to, you don’t know well, you haven’t had euphoric love for, but that you are preparing to sign up to love for ever can be challenging. The is no love walk that I have ever taken that reminds me of Christ almost daily. (I wonder if that is the point.) I never really thought much of it, but a fair majority of the foster parents I have met believe in God. Maybe because you really need to understand the love God has for his children to truly love and parent as a foster or adoptive parent in this situation. It’s hard, like really hard, I just want to cry sometimes hard, but I am reminded of God’s love for me. How before he knew me, he loved me with no expectation that I return it but just because. As a foster parent, you definitely want to do good in the world but you may not have children and want that bond, or you may not have a son and want a son to do father / son things with, but it may not work out that you get a son that wants to hang out with you, or likes similar things to you. Just as God loves us unconditionally, no matter what we do for him, is how we as fostering and adoptive parents have to love. Even though we may not be getting out of it any of the dreams we had, we just have to love unconditionally as God does. My prayer this week is to try to love with out any expectations. If you have been on this love journey, I invite you to share your tips and words of encouragement. Be blessed.

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