Will You Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day Friends! Today is the day that you either love or dread.  Those who love it, typically love it because they have a romantic partner; and those who want to bury their head under a pillow can’t wait for the mushiness to end so that we can get on with life.  But who says Valentine’s Day has to be about romance.  Millions of people send and share expressions of love to family, to friends, even to their children.  Today is about more than couples and romance.  It is a day focused on love.  God is actually the creator of love – not St. Valentine.  God says we are to love him.  God says we are to love our neighbor.  God says we are worthy of love and he loves us.  Today is no reason to put your head under a pillow — regardless of your romantic status.  On Valentine’s Day (and everyday honestly), God wants us to love ourselves and see ourselves the way he sees us.  He wants us to love Him above anyone else on the planet.  He wants to hear from us.  He wants some of our adoration and appreciation today.  He would like us to set some time aside to just “reconnect.” Whether over coffee, a nice quiet lunch, or a lobster dinner, take some time today to dote on the Lord who gave his life for you….and if you spend enough time, you will feel him doting on you as well. Be Blessed!


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