Amazing Reflection

A few months ago on my 39th birthday, I spoke to my parents early that morning as I always do, and as they shared with me how pImageroud they are of me.  I shared that everything I did, I did it for them.  Seriously — I always wanted to make them proud.  I always wanted to be an amazing reflection of them. Did I need to earn my parents love? No, never, but you see I am a child of really young parents and I always instinctively knew that everything I did or became would be a reflection on who they are and out of the love and appreciation that I have for the gift of life and sacrifice they gave me, being a great reflection was the very least I could do.  Yesterday I found myself thinking about how much God has given me and the life he has blessed me with and thought, should I not live with the same desire to make Him proud of me as I have with my earthly parents?  Should I not live to make sure that everything I do is a reflection of Him — his love, his kindness, his goodness, his faithfulness, his light? God made us each in His image.  What kind of reflection of him are we in everything we do?   I challenge you today and each day to think back on the WWJD bracelets for each action and ask yourself what would Jesus do? What would make my heavenly father proud? What would be an amazing reflection on Him? ….and do only those things.

Dear God thank you for the insight that comes from time with you.  Thank you for showing me how you are always applicable to everything in my life.  Be with me this day as I consciously think about you and how I can be a good reflection on you today.  Lord, I live to make you proud.

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