Time for Everything?

Because my schedule is a bit crazy and as always there is so much I want to do, be apart of, be on top of, I have had to rethink the alignment of my life.  Recently, I was walking around Kirklands and saw the most relevant wall art.  It said, “I am every woman but not all at the same time.”  While in the store, I just had to pause a moment on that one. Wow – simple yet so profound.  This morning I am reminded also that God says, “There is a time for everything.” (Isn’t it crazy how God has been saying the same things that we find profound from others [even Kirklands wall art] forever.) So, as I try to figure out how I make it all work in my crazy fall schedule, I realize that maybe I don’t have to make it all work.  I just need to decide the things that are going to be apart of my fall and let the rest be apart of the next season.  God sure has it right (although I shouldn’t be surprised).  There is indeed, “… is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens (Ecclesiastes 3:1).”  Time to decide what is my fall priority so that I can also make room for God’s purposes.  What is your priority this fall? What have you had to shift to the next season? 

Be blessed!

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