The Fall Reset

Cubscouts is starting, baseball season is here, I have volunteered to help with the 3rd grade science experiment,  our family bible study is gearing up, and this is the crazy season for my office.  Summer is now officially over and the fall flurry has begun.  I woke up yesterday and said to my husband, “The summer is over babe and fall is here – are you ready?” We have to get pumped because for us, this is our busiest time of year.  So off I go into planning mode trying to arrange our lives to make it all work.

After mapping out the plan for this season, I woke up today feeling refreshed and ordered, so, I decided to write (which I have had very little time for over the past year or so).  As I wrote, I felt a peacefulness that I have been missing.  A peacefulness that centers me and calms me – a peacefulness I absolutely love.   In that quiet peace, God loudly said, “Your world is not ordered until I am the center of it.” I then navigated to my God Applied page and saw that my last post was Nov. 2016 and decided that the most important aspect of my day, my fall, my life has to be the time with God that truly brings peace that passes understanding.  ws_Beautiful_Autumn_Trees_&_Path_2560x1600

I could not simply hurry off to work after that.  I needed more time with Jesus.  So, I stopped off a Panera ordered a sandwich and had breakfast with a dear old friend – Jesus.  I shut out my to-do’s and turned into his voice and his word.  I opened up my Bible App and there it was,  2 Thessalonians 2: 14, “It was to this end that He called you through our gospel, so that you may obtain and share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

I was not called simply to juggle my kids schedule, volunteer, manage my staff, and accomplish all of my many personal goals (and I have a lot of them), but I was called so that I may not only be blessed by the glory of God but that I would make time to share that glory with others.  God Applied is one of the ways that I share the Glory of God.  So, I am back.  Expect to hear from me — expect to hear the application of God’s word, his love and his heart to every area of life imaginable.  He is in everything because he created everything. Stay Tuned…

Be blessed!



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