Untitled; Simply My Heart

Rescue me from the mire, do not let me sink.  Deliver me from those who hate me, from the deep waters.  Psalm 69:4

In a time where such feelings of difficulty and distress are around you, do not sink. Do not sink to the hatefulness of those around you.  Do not sink to becoming someone that you are not because of the hurt that you feel about the open, unapologetic, unabashed hate.  Do not lash out in anger based upon the overwhelming feelings that are too much to bare.  Pray that God delivers you from sin in the midst of the intense feelings that are stirred each time the “righteous” around you are clueless, insensitive, or simply due to their privilege have no concept for your reality.  Fight to maintain the love within you.  Fight to maintain peace.  Fight to continue your walk with God in spite of the hurt caused by the brothers and sisters that you may see each week.  Continue to see God and not them.  Continue to see God’s words and not theirs.  Continue to speak God’s words and not words to attempt to shed light to a life that others will never understand.

Dear God:  Thank you for the peace that you are trying to give me and that I am trying to receive.  Thank you for the tears that you are helping me to work through.  Thank you that even though some will never understand, you do.  Continue to deliver me from those who hate me, from those who hate others, and from those who are unaware of both.  Thank you God that you always understand my heart, my fears, and my pain.

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