If Hercules (Son of Zeus) was Thought to be so Powerful; How Much More Powerful am I?


This morning as I was praying I was reminded of the movie of The Legend of Hercules.  The movie is about Greek mythology which I admittedly really enjoy even though I do not believe in Greek gods.  Hercules was brought up as a fully human man with no knowledge that he was the son of Zeus, whom Greeks believed to be the most powerful god.  When he grew up and learned of his heritage he started to ask more questions. He asked a wise advisor, “why has Zeus not shown himself to me, why has he not helped me, why has he allowed me to experience what I have been experiencing.”  The old man said he is always there but you have to call upon him acknowledging who he is, who is to you to, and acknowledging his power.   When Hercules found himself bound by shackles with no way out, no way loose, no plan “B”, he finally remembered the words of the old wise man.  At that moment, Hercules called out to his father Zeus and asked him in a mighty voice to come to him, to show up, acknowledging him as his father and his god confidently and boldly (in front of most of the town) and in that moment you see Hercules break through something unimaginable with a mighty powerful force.  I remember seeing that months ago and thinking wow what if we were like that with God; coming against our most unimaginable situations (and just day-today life) with the true acknowledgement of God as our Father and Lord, boldly before all people, acknowledging his unsurpassed power, and calling upon God to come upon us and give us the strength to overcome impossible situations in his name.  What if? (Shoulder shrug).  If acknowledgement of Zeus could give that much power to Hercules, how much more powerful are we as the children of the most high, all powerful? Do we like Hercules realize it at the pivotful moment when there is no way out and all seems lost, or could we by chance realize it right now and start living the powerful, joint-heir, life-changing life intended. #Somethingtothinkabout #FoodforThought #GodismorepowerfulthanZeus #


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