Let Your Writing Be Your Healing

writingGrief counselors are awesome.  Don’t get me wrong  — but why in the midst of grief doesn’t anyone suggest the simplest, easiest most available form of therapy — the pen.  As I laid on the hospital bed hours before the inevitable loss of my unborn little girls, nurses attempted to prepare me for my loss (like that’s possible).  They provided me with websites, books, therapy groups, and even suggested medication if I needed it in the beginning.  Don’t get me wrong, these things are great, helpful, informative, and the stories of others are truly inspiring and give hope, yet there is nothing more powerful then allowing yourself to admit your feelings and deal with your own emotions.  Writing does that for me but what I have realized is that writing is that same outlet for others.  For months I have written around my hurt but finally I am writing directly to the heart  of it–the hurt of it.   It hurts — but it definitely healing and healed from the inside out is where we want to be.


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