Keep Christ in Christmas—He Couldn’t Be Taken Out if We Tried

ImageDuring the Christmas season, you often hear people complaining about its paganism and its lack of Christ; yet Christ is all throughout Christmas.  Christmas is the season to give, to praise, and to let your light shine.  It is the season to uplift someone else, the make their days merry and bright.  Santa Clause, Decorations, Caroling at the heart of the matter are all about Christ. (Even Christmas trees were a by-product of a Christian showing the powerlessness of a pagan God). I have seen signs saying, Keep the “Christ” in Christmas; but no matter how hard some may try, there is no taking Him out of it! Christ IS Christmas! 

Christmas Giving and Santa Claus

We call him Santa Claus, even Jolly Ole St. Nick, but he was known as St. Nicholas.  The rich man who gave all he had to the poor to meet their needs.  The rich man who gave bags of gold to prostitutes and returned children to their families.  The rich man who went around meeting needs of the less fortunate. When we think of how good it makes us feel to give, imagine how happy a man who was constantly giving felt.  Imagine how St. Nicholas must have had a jolly heart – a merry heart. Today, we give him reindeer and we over indulge the story but at the heart of the matter, Santa Claus, is merely the memory of a good hearted Christian — Bishop in fact –whose kindness, generosity, and love for others demonstrates what Christ desires from us — At Christmas time and everyday. Rather than remembering Santa Claus as a big belly man shouting “Ho, Ho, Ho” let us remember that the man for whom he sensationalizes was a Christian, who gave all he had to others; a man who took great joy in spreading joy. 

Christmas Carols = Songs of Praise.  

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord! Is that not what we do when we sing beautiful songs of the season like Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him, Little Drummer boy, O Holy Night, Joy to the Word?  What are Christmas Carols but a Joyful Noise Made Unto Christ.  Through Christmas Carols we sing about the beautiful birth of Christ, Honoring Baby Jesus with gifts, and how He is a Joy to this World — the good news of great Joy.  During Christmas time, it’s amazing how all people sing these songs (and praise Christ) and do not even realize it.  It’s the one time of year when atheists and agnostics can get so caught up in the “season” that do not even realize that even they too worship the Lord our God.  

I agree — we have to keep Christ the center of Christmas in our conscious minds; but regardless of whether we are conscious of it or not, Christ will always be front and center.  It is after all His Mass (Christ’s Mass).


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