Become the Blessing

ImageFor the past week, I have been praying for a few people.  I have prayed for people I know personally and some I have never met.  Some prayers can only be answered by God; yet some can be answered by God’s angels here on earth.  Angels do not have to be heavenly beings but they are also defined as persons of exemplary virtue.  We can be God’s angels here on earth.  We can be the exemplary examples of Christ right here on earth.  We can pass along the blessings bestowed upon us and be the blessing someone else is needing, seeking, and praying for.  This season, continue to pray for the miracles of Christ to be bestowed upon others. Recognize that many need a blessing only God can send. But also recognize that some of our prayers for others are needs and wants that we have the capacity to fulfill.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only son.  This holiday season — what can we give?

Be blessed!


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