One Gift You Should Get Everyone on Your List

ImageWhen I think about Christmas, I think about the greatest gift we could have even been given – the gift of Christ.  Every year my mom (still at this age) asks me what I want for Christmas – my siblings ask me too. At a point in life where my greatest wants and needs cannot be filled by their in-store or online purchases, the answer to that question is tough.  What I want or need, they cannot get for me even though they have the greatest intentions.  Christmas gifts and wishes cannot be really given our parents, siblings, friends or Jolly Ole St. Nick – that’s why they are called Christmas Gifts and Christmas Wishes.  They are wishes and gifts that we (at the deepest heart of the matter long for from Christ).  So this season how can we give the most meaningful gifts to those we love?  This morning in my time of devotion, I came up with the best gift we can give – it’s the gifts of prayer for the things our loved ones most need and want. The things not offered by Amazon, the things not made in a workshop (or a sweatshop seeing as how capitalism today is), the things that cannot be purchased on sale at Groupon, the things that no man has power over — they are the things that we call miracles born out of prayers. 

This season I challenge each of us to pray fervently, unceasingly, and daily for  the seemingly unattainable needs and wants of those around us.  I pray that we would see the miracles of Christ through these gifts that we are giving each other, our friends and families, and even our enemies. 

May our families, homes, friends, and the world be blessed!


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